I love sending my daughter to FBI. The staff are always welcoming and very friendly, they genuinely care about my daughter's needs. The centre is open and bright with such a lovely large outdoor play area for the children. - Tara

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Parent Feedback

FBI aim to provide a high quality service, which includes a program that follows the children's needs and interests, as well as an environment that gives the children the opportunity to explore and promote their knowledge from experiences.

Details about your child's routine and current needs will be asked each morning (specific requirements may be jotted in the room diary for later reference). Upon collection, educators will endeavour to speak to you about daily occurrences. A 'Day Sheet' is also displayed in the program area of each room and more details can be found adjacent to the sign in book. We encourage our families to involve themselves with their children's development, by providing comments, feedback and concerns. This can be done by:

  • Writing in our Parent Communication book located next to our sign in/out sheets.
  • Write in the comments area provided on our arrival and departure sign in/out sheets.
  • Add a comment to the whiteboard in the hallway or your child's room.
  • Communicate in writing, any changes to enrolment details and child information.
  • Or you are most welcome to approach a staff member and voice your concerns and input.
  • FBI welcomes your support and involvement.

Parent Grievances

If there are any concerns you wish to discuss with regards to your child, a concern for another child, the centre, the policies or a staff member, please don't hesitate to speak directly to an appropriate educator, member of staff or contact the Nominated Supervisor (Lorna McPhee).

Under the National Quality Framework Regulations, the Licensee must give written notice to the Director General within one week of the complaint being made, as well as written notice to the Director General of any action taken in response to the complaint as soon as reasonably practical after the action is taken. All correspondence will be dealt with following strict privacy and confidentiality guidelines.

Under the National Quality Framework Regulations, FBI will retain details of any complaints from a parent or person responsible for a child, and any action taken with regards to the complaints.

FBI provides a policy for parents with a grievance. This also comes with a grievances information sheet that can be filled out while at the centre. We are here to assist. Please don't hesitate to ask for help.


Please remember that all centre policies and procedures are living documents and are always under review and updated. We will inform you of any new policies and involve you in the decision making as appropriate. You can refer to the Policy Manual in the foyer for further detail at any time. All documents remain the property of FBI and copies cannot be made or removed from the centre.

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